New Kitchen almost finished!

Wow it’s been ages since I last updated this blog. All things are good with me, just thought I’d drop in and let you guys know about my awesome kitchen re-fitting that has been going on for the past week. It’s basically finished and oh my it is looking fantastic, which all my friends are surprised  of considering how cheap I was able to get the installation fee down to.

I’ve ordered one of those awesome sinks with the colored lights in and a wicked ice dispenser that looks like something out of a scifi movie, touch sensor rather than button (come on people get with the times!). Also all the drawers have that function where you push it in gently and it opens, feels so smooth and slick.

The job will hopefully be finished in a few days, they are just having a slight issue with installing the plumbing and connecting water pipes (or something).

I’d love to upload a picture when it’s completely finished but for now I can just show you what I ordered from the catalog.

Awesome right! Let me know what you think :)


How to remove obstructions in the sink

Blockage in the sink - it is a very unpleasant phenomenon, the cause of which, as a rule, is the inaccuracy in the performance of simple rules for use of equipment. Everyone knows that you can not drain into the sink food waste, especially if there is no special grid plug-liner. Most often, when such misuse the clogged sink drain trap - a curved piece of pipe under the sink. However, blockages sometimes do occur. How to solve this problem, you can learn from this article.

Procedure against clog

Before you remove the blockage in the sink, remove the water from it and all the pollution and undertake the following:

What unclog blockages in the sink? Immediately after slowing the outflow of water from the sink to use the facilities for cleaning. To this end, and also to prevent blockages, experts recommend to use specially designed for this purpose, chemical, widely represented in the trading network.

The old tried and tested plunger usually helps in most cases when there’s a small clog and is therefore considered to be a very popular way to restore the flow of water. A Plunger is a rubber cap provided along with a handle. When using it, due to pressure changes under the hood of a traffic jam in the discharge pipe, which caused the blockage, enough is easily destroyed.

An effective way is flushing siphon and adjacent pipes. It is recommended to use special household products, such as plastic and metal pipes good fit “Mole”, for pipes of any type - “Tiret”, “Mr Muscle”. When using chemicals for safety should use protective gloves. Chemically active components of these funds dissolved hair, leftover food, and kill bacteria. Therefore, their use is effective for cleaning pipes and eliminate the unpleasant odor of sink holes. If all the above measures do not bring the desired result, the removal of blockage in the sink provides the use of wire rope fittings.

Special cases

How to remove fat deposits in the drain trap

Fat is deposited in the drain trap and eventually accumulates. In connection with this unfavorable process it narrows the available flow of the pipe, and as a result it is no longer sufficient for proper water drainage. Cleaning out the fat can be a very simple task…sometimes:

for a variety of plastic pipes  - have pots of boiling water poured down the sink and clean the drain with the plunger,

if the plastic pipe, the moderately hot water diluted detergent (glass powder by 5-liter pan) and well stirred solution was slowly poured into the stock stream sink (if necessary the procedure was repeated.) The best drain cleaner products are also a good idea for tougher clogs.

How to clean the corrugated pipe for drainage

On the corrugated surface subsidence fat, soaps, detergents and various contaminants is very intense. Therefore, it is necessary to corrugated pipes periodically cleaned and washed. Otherwise, the risk of blockage becomes very large. According to the rules should:

before you remove the blockage, it is necessary to unscrew the tube from the funnel, located in the sink;

disconnect the upper pipe from drain into the sewer;

elbow bend (trap) to gently remove;

stretch tube so as to spread all faces and rinse it with water;

more thorough cleaning of the pipe is as follows:

with a piece of cellophane and ropes need to close one end of the pipe;

pour into hot water pipe and to close the other end as the first;

taking tube arms at both ends, carry a circular motion, if such action is repeated several times, the cleaning effect will be much higher;

siphon purified, as well as a pipe, sometimes specially purified reservoir intended for upholding water

after completion of the cleaning of all parts tightly bolted.

Do the cleaning drain pipes powder with biological properties?

Effective means of clogging the sink - washing powders, which are composed of biological agents. Among such tools are popular powders “Bio”, “Bio-moment”, “Bio-C», «Dosia». The enzymes contained in these powders provide efficient cleavage of organic contaminants.

To qualitatively wash pipes when sink is clogged, it is necessary:

before the break through the blockage in the sink, remove the water from it,

pour into the drain a hot solution of lye or soda, you can use special effective means of “Mole”, “Mole 2”

make a break for 1.5-3 h,

after the break, pour into the drain hot water

Clean the sink plunger.

When cleaning the clogged plumbing prefer a flexible cable

How to remove the blockage, if irrigation pipe does not help? Plumbers in such cases, use the three-meter flexible cable. Thanks spiked with screw-in nozzle movements into a drain pipe clogged area is destroyed. After cleaning the blockage failed, it is necessary to rinse the pipe large amount of hot soapy water.

Every modern adult should know how to clean the sink from clogging to such trouble does not create unnecessary problems. The use of preventive measures with effective chemicals largely solve this problem. However, often the problem can be quite serious and it alone will not work. In such a case it is better to invite experts and may reflect the need to replace sewer pipes.


Flower Power

Hey all, my name’s Katie! Thought I’d introduce myself to let readers know a bit about me.

I’m 27 years old but act like a pensioner, my biggest passion is flower arranging which I take quite seriously and enter several competitions a year and usually do pretty darn well in. The hobby was sort of passed down to me from my grandmother and to an extent my own mom.

As a young girl when I visit my grandma we would spend hours messing about with flowers and she would teach me all about them, the various colors that work well together, what clashes, inventive ways to present (many which I still use to this day even in the flower shows :p).

I have a long term boyfriend that I have been with for almost 7 years now, recently engaged. I’m going to have an absolute blast organizing the flowers for our big day!

We have two pet dogs called Sammy and Drew, love them to bits of course. I take them for an hour walk every morning without fail and find this is my most peaceful time of the day and it really gets me in a great mood to tackle my rather monotonous job as an accountant.

I have spent much of my life travelling, a lot of that being in South East Asia. The residents there are so friendly to backpackers I really want to find some time to go back there and I’ve had conversations with my soon to be husband about moving somewhere abroad. I think it would be amazing.

Besides from flowers, I do love music especially acoustic artists, my all time favorite being Joni Mitchell. Modern talent is harder to find even with access to millions of artists on Youtube, I really am fond of this British guy called Ben Howard, you should go look him up if you’ve not heard him he’s fantastic!

So that’s post 1 down! We made it.